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What to pay attention to back muscle training What to pay attention to in back training movements

  When we do back training, we often feel some strain. In addition to the fact that it is really difficult to train the back muscles, it is likely that we did not pay attention to certain issues when training.

  First: the action of vertical pull

  The vertical pull action is the pull-up, high pull-down, of which the most difficult to master is the pull-up, because the pull-up to master the balance, but also to overcome their own weight, so you can choose the high pull-down at the beginning. The high pull down is a relatively simple and easy to learn movement, we can practice pull-ups by high pull down, and the two movements have a lot of handshake, but when training shoulders do not completely relax, and at the same time to feel the stretch and contraction of the latissimus dorsi, only then our training will be effective. When you overcome your own weight and make the pull-ups very easy, you can add some weights or use pull-up equipment to assist your training.

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  Second: horizontal pulling action

  The most common horizontal pulling action is usually rowing, you can use dumbbells, barbells or T-bars to practice, pull the weight through the body, and finally slowly return to the original position. If you use a barbell or T-bar, then you must lock your body during training, or the movement will become dangerous.

  Third: hard pull

  The hard pull is almost a total body movement, it will use a lot of muscles to drive together to allow you to pull the barbell back to the ground. There are many benefits of the hard pull, but it will be very strong stimulation of the back, if you have carried out the vertical and horizontal pulling movements before training, then you can do without the hard pull. But don't forget to train the obliques and lower back muscles of the back, and well-developed obliques can give you a perfect figure.


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