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Fitness desperately must be a good thing?

  The more ≠ the better

  People need stress to grow, training needs stress to get progress and growth, the body's exhaustion and other difficult circumstances, the body will give appropriate feedback in response to these environmental stress, when the body after facing stress to get the right amount of rest and recovery, will be able to get super compensation before the next stress, and then will improve our ability to resist stress (improve sports performance).

  This is a human adaptation, no matter what sports we engage in, is a process of facing stress and then adapt, but these stresses need to be you can digest, I call this a benign stimulus.

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  But sometimes too much pressure or too much, always in a high intensity, no respite, no timely recovery and adjustment, then it is easy to exhaustion! Your body will make your body work less in order to protect you, in order for the body to stop reluctantly receiving these unloadable stresses, which may then produce lethargy, decreased athletic performance, decreased immunity, increased inflammatory response, susceptibility to illness, more or less need for food, and compromised sleep (always feeling sleepy)

  Don't push yourself too hard!

  Fitness training is like a marathon, don't aspire to get fat in one bite. Sometimes, life gets busy and stressful, a little break or slow down will be the best option to keep you on track. You need to work hard, but you need to be a little smarter!

  While training hard, do not neglect to let yourself relax, it is recommended that you give yourself a week off every three months, to travel, to relax, let your body to eliminate those accumulated fatigue, let your body re-charged, in order to better prepare for the next training!


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