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Fitness training common 6 bad habits

  Training the body can make our body shape ideal, athletic ability to become better, is definitely a good thing for the body and mind, but if you do not maintain a good concept and habits, it is easy to harm their own bodies in turn.

  1. Training with pain

  This is a common problem for many people who love sports and training, because the concept of incomplete and promote the value of "No Pain, No Gain", but for the body, pain is an important signal, he is telling us that there is something wrong with the body, if you ignore the pain and continue to train, this may only be an alarm "problem", will become a real "injury".

  Therefore, if you feel pain in any movement, please stop the movement first and help yourself through the process of "discuss with your coach" → "refer to the appropriate treatment window" → "prioritize the source of the problem", never fight with "brave spirit".

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  2. Ignore the importance of rest

  In our past experience, we have encountered many people describing their exercise habits in the last six months, telling us that he arranged to do all kinds of exercises almost every day, such as gym group classes, running, etc., and even have the experience of scheduling more than two kinds of classes a day, usually because they are afraid that not training for a day will affect the effectiveness of their goals, in fact, just the opposite, this way does not allow the body to have the opportunity to rest, but will make themselves more and more distant from their goals, which is also the source of exercise injuries that most people do not expect - overuse.

  Remember, the body actually does not progress in training, but in the rest after training, to regulate the physiological stress and repair damage to get progress, so the proper arrangement of interspersed rest days, you can make your progress more obvious, is a very important thing.

  3. The body lacks control

  No matter what type of training, as long as you are in training, you should try to control your body as much as possible, this is definitely an important point to avoid sports injuries. Often see many people in the movement, the body is flabby like a mollusk almost no support stability, the pace is also fast and slow, each action is worrying.

  Usually the reason for this problem are "fatigue", "technical inexperience" or more directly "loss of concentration", remember that once we lose control of the movement, even like the sit-down bicycle training recognized as extremely safe, can get hurt.

  4. Training with incorrect movements

  In resistance training, unfamiliar and inaccurate movement techniques will expose the joints to poor mechanics, which will significantly increase the risk of training injuries, including, of course, the risky training movements themselves, such as "behind-the-neck push-up", "upright rowing" and other movements.

  Then again, each person's body conditions are different, there are limb length, weight, joint mobility and many other differences, if you ignore the principles of action to imitate the "special techniques" of others, may also bring problems, it is like gambling with the body


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