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Abdominal fat burning exercise for men reveals your abdominal muscles

Men's abdomen is very prone to fat growth, especially now that many men like to drink and have dinner at work, high fat and high alcohol intake will also accelerate the growth of belly fat. If you want to avoid abdominal obesity, you still have to do abdominal weight loss exercises. So do you know what abdominal fat burning exercises are available for men? Let's go see it together!


Abdominal fat burning exercise for men reveals your abdominal muscles


  Action 1: Flat open and close feet

   This is an action that adds feet to open and close on the plank. The reason why it is arranged in the first is because our abdomen is also to be warmed up, so that the subsequent training can be more effective and effortless. First make a plank support posture on the mat, then lay the left foot flat on the outside, then retract it and then put the right foot outside, retract it and do the left side, and then reciprocate.


  Motion 2: Flat dynamic support

   The basic exercise of this action is also a plank, which requires us to exchange two arms to support in turn. With one arm supporting the entire body, our abdomen will be stimulated more and consume more fat. The method is to use one hand to prop up the upper body after making a plank, and the other hand to maintain the support position. After the body is propped up, change to a two-handed prop up, and then go back and continue to cycle.


   Action 3: Reverse Crunches

   First lie flat on the yoga mat, bring your legs together and lift up, and put your hands on your sides to maintain balance. This action mainly depends on the strength of the abdomen, try not to grasp other things with your hands to borrow force.


Abdominal fat burning exercise for men reveals your abdominal muscles


  Action 4: Mountain climber

   first pose for push-ups, and then exchange feet in the air, just like climbing a mountain.


   Action 5: One-handed side support

   Lie on the mat on one side, with legs close together, hold one hand on the shoulder of the other side, and put the other hand on the ground and prop up the body. After propping up the body, hold the 10 second hand, and then rest for a while before changing to the other side to continue. This action is repeated once on each side as a set, for a total of 10 sets. Note: When performing this movement, keep your body balanced, and move slowly when propping up your body to avoid injury.


   Action 6: Goldfish swings its tail

   Lie flat on the yoga mat, bend your hands slightly, touch the back of your hands to your forehead, adjust the central strength of your body, then move your lower limbs and upper body off the ground together, keep this movement for about 3 seconds, and then relax. Doing this exercise not only thins the waist and abdomen, but also stimulates the spinal muscles the most.


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