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Fat burning exercise or aerobic exercise

When we want to lose weight, we will learn about various exercises. Some people say that the best exercise for weight loss is aerobic exercise, and that the fat burning effect of aerobic exercise is the best; others say that the best way to lose weight is burning. Fat exercise can effectively burn fat. So which one do you think is fat-burning exercise or aerobic exercise to reduce fat? Let's take a look at the fitness knowledge!


Fat burning exercise or aerobic exercise


  Which fat burning exercise or aerobic exercise to reduce fat?

   Fat burning exercise is a kind of aerobic exercise that starts to burn fat after a certain period of time. If the aerobic exercise does not reach the corresponding length of exercise, then its fat burning efficiency is not high. Only after a certain period of aerobic exercise can it have the effect of reducing fat, which means that only fat burning exercise can reduce fat more. . After half an hour of exercise, the aerobic exercise starts to burn fat. If you want to burn fat, you must exercise for more than 30 minutes, and the aerobic exercise burns fat at a high rate after 30 minutes.


Fat burning exercise or aerobic exercise


  What are the aerobic fat burning exercises?


Running is divided into fast running, jogging, and variable speed running according to different running speeds. Running generally chooses jogging or variable speed running. The fat burning efficiency is the highest. The jogging speed is 8KM/hour, and the calorie consumption is about 300 kcal in half an hour. Variable speed running can Let your body maintain a high-metabolism fat-burning state for several hours after running.


  jump rope

  The advantage of rope skipping is that the space required is small, and only one skipping rope is required. The skipping rope can burn fat while avoiding muscle loss. The fat-burning efficiency of skipping rope is higher than that of running, and 10 minutes of skipping rope is equivalent to 20 minutes of jogging, but the strength of skipping rope is too much and it is not easy to persist. Generally, skipping for 1-2 minutes, resting for 1-2 minutes, and so on.



  Swimming is suitable for all ages. It is also suitable for obese patients. It consumes about 550 kcal per hour. I want to exercise more easily in summer. But swimming does not make you soak in water, but to swim!


  HIIT high-intensity interval training

  HIIT high-intensity interval training, prepare a yoga mat and train at home, it can improve cardiorespiratory endurance, the primary HIIT training hourly fat burning calories is 322 calories. Although the fat burning efficiency is not as high as running, the advantage of HIIT is that the body will maintain a high metabolic state for 24 hours after exercise. The calories consumed throughout the day are much higher than running. It is a true fat burning champion.


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