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How long does fat burning exercise do to lose weight? How to arrange the time for fat burning exerci

How long does fat burning exercise to lose weight?

   First of all, we have to look at the specific age, height and weight of the dieter. If the weight is the same, the height is different, and the age is different, then there are differences in physical function, which cannot be measured by the same exercise time. Therefore, weight loss needs to choose the appropriate time and intensity according to the actual situation.


  Exercise time does have a lot to do with sports. Aerobic exercise burns limited fat. While we pay attention to exercise time, we must also look at what kind of events we are doing. If you want a good fat burning effect, you can do some strength training. The intensity of these items will be higher, the body will be more burdened, and the fat burning efficiency will be faster, such as bench press, battle rope, poppy jump, squat Wait. Do it for about 20 minutes first, and then run for 20 minutes. This will give you better results.


How long does fat burning exercise do to lose weight? How to arrange the time for fat burning exercise


  How to arrange the time for fat burning exercise

Suggestion 1: Alternate various sports activities to achieve better results, such as warming up for five minutes before running (or other aerobic exercise), doing squats for ten minutes or bobby jumping, doing fifty bobby jumping, resting for ten seconds Keep the clock for ten minutes overall, and then start running for half an hour. In addition, you can choose to run, swim, or ride a bicycle on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, and you can choose strength training for others.


Suggestion 2: Make a weight loss plan. If you haven’t exercised for many years, set aside a week’s time to plan your weight loss. This time is a buffer, so you can slowly enter the state. You can walk briskly for half an hour every day. , And then slowly increase time and exercise items.


Recommendation 3: Grasp the exercise time for snacks, rest time in the office, time off work, or time for grocery shopping. These can all be used. Climbing stairs and cycling are all acceptable. You don’t have to exercise for more than forty minutes at a time. As long as you maintain a healthy weight loss habit, it actually has a good effect.

 How to arrange the time for fat burning exercise


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