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When is the effect of fat burning exercises good? What are the fat burning exercises?

Weight loss is now a demand of many people. As long as you lose weight, you will have a better life and a healthier body. If you want to lose weight quickly, you should do more fat burning exercises. Fat burning exercises at different times have different effects. So when do you think fat burning exercises are effective? Let's take a look at the fitness knowledge!


When is the fat burning exercise effective?


   When is the fat burning exercise effective?


   After breakfast, various functions of the human body have gradually recovered, and various organs can be fully mobilized to function effectively. Moreover, the photosynthesis of plants during this period is strong, and the oxygen content of the air is high. At this time, aerobic exercise will allow the body to absorb more oxygen to oxidize the fat, which can better promote fat burning.


Evening is the best exercise time of the day, because after a day’s activities, the sensitivity and flexibility of the body’s muscles and joints have been significantly improved. At this time, the body’s adaptability is better, and the body’s hormone regulation levels are in good condition. Physical strength and endurance have also reached the peak of the day, so it is more suitable for high-intensity exercise at this time. Compared with other time periods, anaerobic exercise during this period will result in better exercise effect, and it is not suitable to be injured during exercise.


When is the fat burning exercise effective?


  What are the fat burning exercises?


The difficulty of swimming is more complicated. Many people can only do dog planing, and they have strict requirements on the sports field. The average breaststroke consumes about 328 kcal per 30 minutes. If you use freestyle, the fat burning effect will be better, and there is almost no harm to the body. Swimming is absolutely It is the first choice for arthritis patients.


   Poppy jump

  As one of the main actions of Hiit training, the fat-burning effect of Poppy Jump is amazing. 10 minutes of continuous Poppy Jump consumes about 200 calories, which is equivalent to running for 20 minutes! But why the star rating of poppy jump to the human body is so high, mainly because 99% of the population cannot achieve continuous wave jump for 10 minutes. Novices force continuous wave jump, which has a very high risk, especially for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Sick people! It is recommended that you can combine poppy jumping with other sports for combined training.



  The oldest form of exercise, running is one of the simplest exercises. There is no site requirement. It consumes an average of about 300 calories every 30 minutes. The calorie consumption increases with the increase in speed and is not fixed. Although many people say that running hurts the knees, according to authoritative American magazines, the probability of knee joints in people who run regularly is about 7 percentage points lower than that of sedentary people.


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