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Fat-burning sports rankings, many people can’t exercise for long

Some people lose weight very quickly, losing at least 10 kg within a few months, and some people lose weight very slowly, and have not lost weight after exercising for a long time. In addition to the difference in exercise methods, there is also the difference in fat burning efficiency. Some exercises have particularly good fat burning efficiency. So today we will introduce a ranking list of fat burning exercises, let’s go to the fitness knowledge place to take a look!


Fat-burning sports rankings, many people can’t exercise for long


   No. 8: Hurry up

   Brisk walking is basically a sport that doesn’t pick people. It can be performed by men, women and children. It is characterized by being slower than running, but walking faster than usual, and fast is also a very effective exercise for burning fat. But if the time is short and the speed is slow, then the effect of fingering may be relatively poor. It is best to insist on walking briskly for more than one hour a day to effectively exercise the body and improve the efficiency of fat burning. Maintain the standard speed, about 350~400 calories can be consumed in one hour.


   No. 7: Cycling

  Riding has a certain effect on training the muscles of the legs and waist and abdomen, and it is also very good for promoting the calorie consumption of the arms, shoulders, back and other parts. During the deadline, basically all parts of the body will be involved, so the body's calorie consumption will be higher. During the deadline, not only can you exercise, but you can also enjoy the scenery along the way, making your mood more enjoyable. , Riding for 1 hour can consume about 400~450 calories.


   No. 6: Jogging

   Jogging is also a sport suitable for all ages. Although the fat-burning effect of this sport is not particularly good, it is easy for people to stick to it. If you do a certain amount of jogging every day, you can not only release stress, but also consume calories, which will help improve your cardiopulmonary function and physical fitness. One hour of jogging can consume about 600-650 calories.


   No. 5: Dance

Many people in life also like dancing very much. In fact, dancing is also a kind of aerobic exercise. The calories consumed by dancing will depend on the range and time of the movement. Dancing can not only lose weight, but also move various joints to prevent aging. , To develop a good figure, dancing for an hour can consume about 550-700 calories.


Fat-burning sports rankings, many people can’t exercise for long


   No. 4: Open and close jump

Opening and closing jumping is a very good warm-up exercise, and its fat burning effect is also very good. High-intensity opening and closing jumping is a type of HIIT training. I can let you increase your heart rate in a short time. Let the body enter the human body state of colleges and universities, and 30 minutes of mid-high opening and closing jumping can consume about 350-400 calories.


  3rd place: swimming

   For people with relatively large physical contact, running may hurt the knees, but swimming is a very good choice, and swimming consumes more calories than running. Swimming for one hour can consume about 800 calories.


  2nd place: skipping rope

The fat-burning effect of skipping rope is also very good, and many parts of the body can participate in the process of skipping, so the fat-burning effect is also very good. For high-speed skipping, the fat-burning effect for 10 minutes is half that of jogging. Hours are better. If you follow the standard ultrasonic speed for one hour, you can consume about 900 calories.


   1st place: Poppy jump

   Poppy jump is recognized as the best fat burning exercise in the world. It can drive more than 75% of the muscles of the whole body when performing poppy jump. Although this action looks very simple, it is very difficult to do. And Poppy Jump combines push-ups, squats, and jumps.


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