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This electric bottle really surprised me

This electric bottle really surprised me, because the stirring tablets can blend the milkshakes I bring to work very well. Nothing compares to a home blender plugged into the wall, but this does a good job of making foamy blended milkshakes that you can drink on your desk.

Even if some of the powder has become wet and stuck to the bottom of the bottle, some vigorous shaking of the blender can cause the powder to mix into the milkshake. The protein shaker electric really works.

Easy to clean and use. Since I bought it, I haven't leaked it at all. A blender bottle shaker is just a surprise for other things.

I bought this for my husband to use at work so he won't steal me. Mine has been used for more than 2 years without any problems. I think some people may put the lid on too tightly, which is why some people will crack. But I like to shake a cup, protein shaker electric combines everything. Even if I use it every day, my originals are still durable and look new; I mostly wash them in the dishwasher. highly recommended.

This vibrating table can complete the work, simple and clear. Before getting a shaker, I had the worst experience in making protein shakes. I simply put the milk and protein in a regular water bottle and tried to shake it well. At first I thought this was enough, but it is not the case. The protein does not mix completely with the milk, leaving a disgusting protein taste throughout the milkshake. This is absolutely terrible. Now with this electric bottleprotein shaker electric, it never happened again. The plastic is high quality, and the way the top opens is very strong and well made.


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