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How to choose body-building supplements? These supplements are recommended

In fitness, there is a lot of attention. Of course, there are many benefits of fitness. At the same time, it is still necessary to cooperate with fitness supplements during fitness. In this way, it is very beneficial to fitness, but many people don't know how to choose fitness supplements. Of course, many people know. So, how to choose fitness supplements? These supplements are recommended. Let's have a look!

lactalbumin powder

1. Whey protein powder

It can help you repair the damage of muscle cells to varying degrees caused by high-intensity exercise, cause the decomposition of muscle proteins, and even recover in excess, so as to make the muscle grow. Generally speaking, the principle of muscle growth is that you destroy the protein tissue in your muscle through exercise, so as to stimulate it to grow again. Just like you take a steel pipe, pout around and fold it, and then weld it again with electric welding. Do you think it will be thicker than the original broken place?

2. L-carnitine

Carnitine's greatest function in the body is to transport fat into the mitochondria, which can oxidize and burn fat into energy. We all know that L-carnitine is actually a key substance in the process of fat metabolism, which can promote the oxidation and decomposition of acid into fat into mitochondria, and the mitochondria are like a generator in the body, Carnitine is like a conveyor belt to transport fat to burn and generate electricity. Therefore, if carnitine is sufficient, it is like opening more conveyor belts to transport more fat.

3. Alanine

Alanine is a natural non essential amino acid, which is absorbed by muscle fibers and combined with amino acid histamine to form carnosine. Studies have shown that carnosine can enhance strength, endurance and resilience, and even promote fat burning and muscle growth. In addition, it can also delay the occurrence of muscle fatigue. Zeng Jing has a research report that a boxer who has been taking alanine supplement for four weeks has a boxing strength of 2000% of the players taking placebo in the last ten seconds of each round. You can maintain the same terrible fist power in the last few seconds of the battle round, just as you can always maintain the same strength during heavy training, which also means that you can practice heavier and more.

4. Creatine

It can improve protein synthesis and promote body recovery. Strengthening your body's muscle phosphate system can enhance your explosiveness. Most athletes experience strong explosive power after taking it, which can make you have more endurance, bear more intensive training and prolong the training time, so that your body can bear large weight stimulation, so that your muscles will become larger and larger.

5. Glutamine

High intensity training will interfere with the immune system. In the first 5 minutes of training, the level of glutamine will rise slowly and the decomposition hormone will be released slowly. But for trainers, the bad news doesn't stop. Even if they fall behind after training, the muscles will release glutamine, resulting in muscle loss, cell dehydration and so on. It has a very important role in preventing muscle atrophy.

6. Nitrogen pump

Nitrogen pump is the precursor of nitric oxide. In a simple word, it can bring more oxygen, nutrition and hormones to cells, so it is conducive to muscle growth. The use of nitrogen pump during fitness can improve the effect of congestion, that is, blood vessels. To be a devil's muscle man, you need not only meat, but also tendons. It can also satisfy you, but you should remember that you don't have green tendons after eating, but also depends on your high and low sebum.

7. BCAA branched chain amino acids

After a lot of exercise, the rate of protein synthesis decreases and the protein decomposition will be accelerated. The branched chain amino acid composition is basically 1 / 3 of the muscle protein. When you want to train a strong and powerful body, it is necessary to stimulate and power your muscles at the cellular level, So you must take some branched chain amino acids to prevent protein breakdown and muscle loss, which is suitable for fat reduction.


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