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How to eat muscle strengthening powder is the most reasonable and scientific

I believe many people know about muscle enhancement, and muscle enhancement powder plays an important role in muscle enhancement, but muscle enhancement powder also has a lot of attention, such as how to eat muscle enhancement powder and when to eat it. Some people still know how to eat muscle enhancement powder is reasonable. So, how to eat muscle strengthening powder is reasonable and scientific? Let's take a look!

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How to eat muscle strengthening powder is reasonable and scientific

As a dietary supplement. According to the requirements, put an appropriate amount of muscle strengthening powder into warm boiled water (cold is not recommended, because some may have deficiency of cold in the spleen and stomach, which will affect absorption and be bad for the body) or milk, and stir it evenly. Refer to the product description for the number of times taken per day. For the best results, please cooperate with appropriate intensity training and reasonable diet nutrition.

Because the muscle strengthening powder is also restricted by its own absorption and exercise climacteric effect, absorption adjuvants such as glutamine can be used at the same time. Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid in human body and the main energy source of brain. It can promote muscle protein synthesis and muscle cell growth, so as to improve muscle strength and quality. Glutamine can also eliminate brain fatigue, overcome brain hypoxia, promote recovery after disease and injury, and enhance immunity.

In case of large physical consumption, injury and illness, the glutamine level in the human body decreases sharply and needs to be supplemented in time, otherwise the human body will decompose muscle protein, resulting in the decline of muscle quality and immune ability. Muscle cells have the strongest ability to absorb glutamyl amine, and daily intake can improve the storage capacity in muscle. When muscle cells absorb glutamine, water and glycogen will also be absorbed together. Therefore, the degree of muscle expansion will increase accordingly, which is its muscle strengthening effect.

Optimum use time of muscle strengthening powder

Three nutrients are absorbed in prime time. After training, after getting up, and before going to bed. Grasp these three periods, and your nutritional support level will be greatly improved. Especially for thin people who need to gain muscle and weight, it is particularly important.

After training, they have the highest desire for nutrition and are most easily absorbed at this time; After 8 hours of sleep, the human body doesn't eat in one night, so it also needs nutrients after getting up in the morning; The peak secretion of growth hormone during sleep will bring the limit synthesis of protein, so it is also ideal to supplement nutrition before going to bed.

For thin people, especially after training and getting up, the intake of high-energy food in these two hours can greatly stimulate insulin secretion. Insulin can transport carbohydrates and proteins to muscle cells for storage. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the synergistic effect of carbohydrates and whey protein. Zengji powder is undoubtedly the best choice for thin people, and the two time periods within 20 minutes after exercise and during breakfast in the morning are undoubtedly the best time to eat and supplement Zengji powder.


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