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I use this electric shaker bottle to hold protein and other drinks every day.

I like this electric cherry bottle.It is well mixed and easy to disassemble and clean. I have had a similar cup. The liquid will leak into the battery area, but this cup has no problem in this regard. It charges quickly and keeps charging until I haven't charged for more than a week and use it every day. The quality of this product is unparalleled. I've tried almost all vibrators, and this is on the top. Very easy to clean.

I like this electric cherry bottle because it's easy, but my only complaint is that I want it to be bigger. I either use very thick protein, or it has nothing to do with the amount I use. I used 3-4 tablespoons of protein powder, so it may just be me, but my problem is that the powder will eventually accumulate on both sides and will not mix. This is a smaller bottle, so if you're not going to make a big milkshake, this bottle is for you. Perfectly mixed with my protein shake. Before I use the manual shake bottle, my protein will never be fully mixed, so it is a good time-saving method. It looks durable and easy to clean, so it is a great advantage.

It is found that the water vortex generated by the electric shaker bottle is helpful to evenly distribute the protein mixture in the liquid. There is no protein mixture in any beverage. I'm surprised at the effect of electric shaker bottle. If you follow the instructions to use the electric shaker bottle (liquid, then open, and then slowly pour in the powder), the electric shaker bottle works well and mixes well. No lumps or anything.

Electric shaker bottle is perfect for substitute meals and protein milkshakes. It is much better than the old bottle spoon, because the electric shaker bottle can keep the powder from caking. It's also much easier than cleaning the mixer. Remember, this is not about chopping or crushing ice. In addition, for some people and my own problems, I have used the electric shaker bottle for about 2 months, and the shake bottle mixer has not been leaked once. I like the way it can perfectly mix my supplements at the click of a button! No need to stir with a spoon, no need to agglomerate, and most importantly


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