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Fat reduction schedule for high school students practicing on Saturday

Regular fitness can bring many benefits to people, such as fat reduction, shaping and so on. Some people don't know what to do when they exercise. Of course, some people will make some plans when they exercise. It's good to do so. So, what is the fat reduction schedule for high school students who practice on Saturday? Let's have a look.


Monday and Friday: squat + push ups

To reduce fat, we need not only exercise, but also diet. We can start with squatting and push ups. These two exercises can help you exercise the muscles of hips, back and arms. They have a certain effect on muscle growth, but after exercise, because the exercise is also strong, So we should eat more protein in our diet. These exercises are done in three groups every day, 50 in each group. In terms of diet, we can choose two pieces of whole wheat bread + two eggs for breakfast, white rice or noodles for lunch, and 100g vegetables + chicken breast. You can eat some simple coarse grains for dinner, but you should eat some muscle strengthening powder after dinner, which can help increase muscle.

Tuesday and Thursday: flat support + hip Bridge

Doing flat support and hip bridge can test endurance, and can optimize the hip and the core muscle group of the whole body. Therefore, after exercise, we can improve endurance and let our muscles grow. Similarly, do 3 to 5 groups every day. Each group should persist for more than 30 seconds. If you persist for as long as possible, the effect will be better. For breakfast, you can drink a glass of milk + a handful of nuts. For lunch, you can choose macaroni or rice with salmon and chicken breast. For dinner, you can choose millet porridge + vegetables, and 30 grams of protein powder after dinner.

Wednesday and Saturday: pull up + static squat

Next, we can use the two sports of static squatting and pull-up. These two sports can mainly help you exercise your legs and hips, and the intensity of this sport is also relatively large. After training, our muscles will be torn, so if we match with food with high protein content, we can repair and grow into muscles as soon as possible. Pull up this exercise can do 15 every day, and do two groups separately. With three groups every day, it is OK to squat for more than 30 seconds. You should pay attention to your diet. First, you can choose steamed eggs with milk for breakfast, steak and broccoli for lunch, some corn porridge with some simple coarse grains for dinner, some muscle powder, or a glass of high protein milk before going to bed.


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