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At home unarmed fitness program primary Edition

We all know that regular fitness is helpful to the body, and some people will make a fitness plan before fitness. Of course, making a fitness plan is also beneficial to fitness, but making a fitness plan is also exquisite. So, how about the junior unarmed fitness program at home? Let's take a look at the unarmed fitness program.


Stage 1: jogging + squatting

Jogging is an indispensable action in the process of exercise. The actions at this stage are relatively simple and basic. One hand is essential for our weight loss and fitness. At the beginning, we jog for about half an hour to make our body adapt to the process of exercise and stretch our body muscles, so it is not easy to get injured during exercise. Next, we insist on completing three groups of squats, with 30 squats in each group, which can make our leg muscles get good exercise.

The second stage: wide distance push ups + flat support

Wide range push ups exercise our arm and back muscles, while flat support is a core strength training action. When we finish the wide push ups, at first, we can keep our body balanced on the ground and support with our hands and feet. Then we bend our arms to make our body closer to the ground, and then straighten our arms up and move again. Insist on completing 3 groups each time, 30 in each group. The plate support action is a static action. Each time, one group can be held for 1 minute, and three groups can be carried out. Note that our bodies must be in a straight line during exercise.

Stage 3: sit ups + pull up

Sit ups mainly play the role of exercising our abdominal muscles. We need to complete 30 movements each time, which can be carried out in 3 ~ 5 groups. This action is relatively basic, but if you stick to it for a long time, it will stimulate the abdominal muscles, so the exercise effect is also very good. The pull-up action needs our explosive power to complete. The action is difficult, but the effect is also very good. At first, we need both hands to grasp the borrowing object that can support our body off the ground, and then use both hands to lift our body up to the highest position. Then relax your arms and start again. Complete 3 groups each time, 10 ~ 15 for each group.


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