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Home fat reduction program men's Professional Edition

If one keeps fit regularly, it can bring many benefits, such as fat reduction, shaping and so on. Many people don't know what to do when they are exercising. Of course, some people will make some plans when they are exercising. It's good to do so. So, what is the men's fat reduction plan at home? Let's have a look.

behind-the-neck pull-up

Monday: chest exercises

1. Supine push (large weight, 4 groups, 8 to 12 times in each group)

2. Upward oblique push (large weight, 4 groups)

3. Recumbent birds (4 groups)

Tuesday: back practice

1. Posterior cervical pull-up (can be aggravated, 4 groups)

2. Standing rowing (large weight, 4 groups)

3. Chest lifting (4 groups)

Wednesday: leg practice

1. Deep squatting (4 groups, which can exceed twice the body weight)

2. Prone leg bending (no less than 1 / 2 of body weight, 4 groups)

3. Stand on tiptoe (4 groups)

Thursday: triceps

1. Narrow bench press (large weight, 4 groups)

2. Standing elbow depression (4 groups)

3. Flexion and extension of pitching arm (4 groups)

Friday: biceps

1. Standing arm bending (large weight, 4 groups)

2. Positive grip single arm bending lift (4 groups)

Saturday: shoulder training

1. Anterior cervical push (4 groups)

2. Back neck push (4 groups)

3. Standing birds (4 groups)

4. Prone birds (4 groups)

Week 7: fat reduction

1. Sit ups (6 groups)

2. Supine leg lifting (6 groups)

3. Jogging (medium speed, no deceleration, 30 minutes)


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