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Unarmed fitness schedule Saturday exercise version

If a person keeps fit regularly, it is very helpful to the body, and some people will make some fitness plans when they keep fit. Of course, making a fitness plan is also beneficial to fitness, but making a fitness plan is also exquisite. So, what about the unarmed fitness schedule? Let's take a look at the unarmed fitness program.

abdominal curl

Monday: sit ups

Sit ups can effectively exercise our abdominal muscles. We can choose one day to exercise. When completing this action, we should ensure that our abdomen is tightened, so that the exercise effect is more obvious. We can complete 30 groups at a time, and 5 groups at a time.

Tuesday: squat

Squatting mainly exercises our leg muscles, that is, the squatting action we usually know. Although the action is simple, the effect of exercise is obvious. This action can also play the role of hip lifting. Three groups are required to complete each action, 30 for each group.

Wednesday: hip Bridge

Hip bridge mainly exercises our leg, hip and waist muscles. This action is relatively comprehensive and not difficult. We can complete it as long as we have a yoga mat. It takes more than 30 seconds to stick to the action every time. Our body keeps the shape of hip bridge on the yoga mat unchanged.

Friday: flat support

Plate support is a comprehensive training action. The effect of exercise is obvious. It plays a good role in our whole body strength. Regular exercise can also see our abdomen tightening, and can effectively exercise our abdominal muscles.

Saturday: push ups

Push ups are familiar to us at ordinary times. This action mainly exercises our chest, back and arm muscles. We can complete them anytime, anywhere. At the beginning, our body lies on the ground and our hands are in a straight state. At the beginning of the action, we press our body close to the ground as much as possible, and repeat the action for 20 as a group, 3 ~ 5 groups at a time.

Sunday: quiet squat

Static squatting requires us to be close to the wall to complete the action. At the beginning, our hips can be close to the wall. At this time, our thighs and calves form 90 degrees, and our thighs can be perpendicular to the wall. We can do 3 ~ 5 groups for 30 seconds each time.


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