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What is the best and correct way to do one leg hip bridge

One leg hip bridge is a good training sport. Of course, there are many advantages for a person to adhere to training one leg hip bridge, but one leg hip bridge is also particular about, such as how to do it, but many people don't know how to do it. So, what's the best and correct way to do one leg hip bridge? Let's take a look at what's best and right.

One leg hip Bridge

What about one leg hip bridge

Starting position: the body lies flat on the mat, the palms of both hands are placed down on both sides of the body, one foot is flat on the mat surface, and the other leg is extended (bent) and suspended in the air.

Action process: inhale! At the same time, tighten the hips and lift the lower waist by relying on the strength of the hips (tighten the hips and straighten the waist) to make the body in a straight line (do not shake the suspended leg, always close to the other leg), stop for 5 seconds after reaching the highest point, shrink the hip muscles at the peak (clamp), and then lower slowly.

Common errors of one leg hip Bridge

Error: the pelvis leans forward and the waist exerts too much force.

Solution: keep the waist and abdomen core tight and exert force on the gluteus maximus.

How many are suitable for one leg hip bridge

At least 60.

If you want to use one leg hip bridge to have good exercise effect, you need to do at least 60 or so every day. You can do it in groups, 5 groups every day, 12-15 in each group, and rest between groups for 30 seconds.

Each single leg hip bridge should be kept for about 15 ~ 20 seconds, and rest for one deep breath between. At the beginning of practice, if you can't stick to it for that long, don't force yourself. You can start from 6 seconds and 10 seconds. Pay attention to acting according to your ability. The most important thing is action quality and persistence.

One leg hip bridge tips

1. Remember to keep your body stable and keep your core tight. Don't shake your body too much when you step in the air.

2. The buttocks and waist muscles should feel tight, that is, the gluteus maximus muscle group.

3. When doing hip exercises, be sure not to lift the crotch through the waist muscles, but really use the gluteus maximus muscles. On the contrary, so is the waist.


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